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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does a lighting audit consist of?

A: We start with the design process based on existing lighting and client's specific needs and use patterns. We replace older inefficient lighting with new lighting using today's technology. Often this can be done using (some of the) existing equipment. This can result in energy savings as high as 60%.

Q: Why should I retrofit my business?

A: Reduce operating costs by reducing utilities by as much as 60% and by reducing maintenance costs.

Q: Is there a tax incentive in addition to a rebate?

A: Yes. The Energy Policy Act of 2005 provides tax deductions for this program. Agree Construction will calculate the amount you may be eligible for and provide the necessary documentation.

Q: How does my new lighting system make my company more Green?

A: Agree Construction will provide you with a report detailing the Environmental Impact of your lighting upgrade.

Q: I lease my building. Does it make sense to do a lighting upgrade?

A: Yes. If you are paying the electric bill on your building you can qualify for the rebates and reduce your operating costs while enjoying better quality lighting.

Q: How does the rebate work?

A: Depending on the utility company and the specific program, Agree Construction will prepare and submit the forms necessary to reserve funds for the rebate. We will also work with the utility company to provide the data necessary for the completion and approval of the funds.

(In some areas there are direct install programs available where we are paid directly by the utility company with a higher % of the cost of the project.)

Q: Is there financing available for my project?

A: We can provide a leasing program where you have all the benefits of new lighting with $1 payoff at the end.

Q: Will my business have to close to complete the project?

A: We can work around your operation during your regular hours or work at night or on weekends if you prefer.

Q: Are you insured?

A: Yes. Agree Construction Company is fully licensed and insured.

Q: Are there other costs for permits, etc?

A: There are no extra costs.

Q: How accurate are your energy savings projections?

A: Very accurate. It is a series of calculations that determine the difference between the existing wattage and the new system wattage (based on 3rd party established ratings) This difference is multiplied by the energy rate and the hours of usage as provided to us.